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Genomics/ Polled

Eastside Lewisdale Jewel   Holstein Canada
POC and RDC Sympatico x Colt Caser

21Genetics Sympatico Callie   Holstein Canada
Born on September 10th 2013
Sired by Dymentholm S Sympatico
Dam: MS Chassity Colt Caser
In the Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 12* family
Same family as Supersire

Compass-TRT American Oslo   Holstein Canada
Born on January 4th 2014
GPA LPI + 3242 GPA DGV +3370
Sired by AltaOak
Dam: Seagull Bay Miss America VG-86
2nd Dam: Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG-87 2yr (Maternal sister to Supersire)
3rd Dam: Pine-Tree Martha Sheen VG-86 DOM 4*

Highest Index Heifer from Gillette Visions Sale

Gillette Epic Jingle VG 87  Holstein Canada
Born May 20 2012
GPA DVG +3130 GPA LPI +2992
Dam: Gillette Shottle Jewell VG 86
Jewell is a maternal sister to "Jordan".
Next Dam: Gillette Durham Jericho EX 15*.
5 Generation EX or VG
Honor List Leader with over 50,000 lbs of Milk and over 2,000 lbs of fat in 305 days at 4 Years. Has 1 Super and 3 Superior Lactations.
Owned with Lewisdale
Red and Polled in the Chassity

21Genetics Earnhardt Cassie   Holstein Canada
Born on August 29th 2013
Dam: MS Chassity Colt Caser (Full sister to Colt-45)
2e dam: Regancrest S Chassity EX-92 12*

MS Chassity Colt Caser VG-85 2 yr  Holstein Canada
+ 2077 GPA LPI
Full Sister to Colt45
Dam: Famous Chassity, one of the hottest cow in the breed.
Purchased for $25,000 Holstein Convention 2012
Owned by 21 Century Genetics
+2351 GTPI Man-O-Shan

Ransom-Rail Shan Tahnee  Holstein Canada
Dam: Ms Welcome Pal Tonya (Maternal sister to Tango)
Purchased at the New York Spring Sale 2014
Mogul + 2906

Crasdale Mogul Leah   Holstein Canada
Dam: Gloryland-I Goldwyn Locket VG-87 2Y EX-92 USA 4Y
Next Dams: VG-88 1*, EX-94 2E, EX, EX-96 3E 5*,EX-94, EX 30*, EX-97 6* (Glenridge Citation Roxy), EX 6*
Owned by Ian Richardson
Chipper P Full Sister

Sandy Valley Colt Coly P  Holstein Canada
Dam: Sandy Valley Pla Cricket VG 86 2YR
Owned with Brandon Delong
Goldwyn Ariel

MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX 92 4YR  Holstein Canada
Her Man-O-Man Daughter at Eastside.
GLPI +2350 Due in April 2013
Reserve All American JR 2 YR 2009
Dam. MD Delight Durham Atlee EX 92 DOM GMD
All American SR 3 YR 2005
Oman Daughter X Atlees Goldwyn Ariel

MS Ariel Moman Arita EX 92  Holstein Canada
Due April 2013 X McCutchen
GLPI +2350 GTPI +2116
Dam: MS Atlees Goldwyn Ariel EX 92 4YR
Purchased at the Sale of Stars 2012 $11,000
Owned with Pure Holsteins & Larch Grove Farms
11 Daughters over +2900 GLPI

Des-Y-Gen Planet Silk VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
DVG +2820 GLPI +2780
Her Red Carrier Snowman Daughter at Eastside DVG +2959
DVG +2959

Dymentholm Sunview Santana VG-85  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2961 GTPI +2178 DVG +2959
September 2011 X Des Y Gen Planet Silk VG 87 X
Bolton Silence VG 85 X Secret VG 87 4*.
Owned with Phil Hempil, James MacPherson
Genomic Central-Flush Inquires Welcome DVG +2804

Seagull-Bay Wnbrk Sunday ET VG-86  Holstein Canada
GLPI +2800 GTPI +2014 DVG +2804
Her 3 Brothers are in the top 5 of the GLPI & GTPI Lists
Purchased for $33,000 Holstein Convention 2012
Owned with Lewisdale

Ammon-Peachey Shauna VG 87 2YR  Holstein Canada
Shauna's direct DVG +3459
2X 310 29946 4.1 1217 3.0
Her only Windbrook Daughter @ Eastside and has 3 Sons in the top 5 of the GLPI & GTPI lists.
Windbrook dtr has Let it Snow Embryons.

Regancrest S Chassity EX 92 2E DOM  Holstein Canada
4/10 CTPI +2109 PTA +1482M +63F +37P +3.57T +2.53UDC
2-01 2x 365 36,680 4.3 1567 3.3 1193
*sired by Shottle

2nd Dam: Regancrest Cinderella (EX-92 DOM)
2-05 2x 365 32,300 4.4 1437 3.2 1029
*sired by Champion

3rd Dam: Regancrest-PR Barbie (EX-92 94-MS! GMD DOM)
2-06 2x 365 31,690 3.9 1237 3.1 990
*sired by Durham
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