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Atlantic Summer Classic

We had a great day! Expo Brady Sayoko Int.Champion! Morson Golden BooBoo Grand Champion!!

Load Up & Get Ready Embryo Sale on Now!!

An amazing opportunity to load up on elite genetics!! Embryos available from these families: Missy, Caser and Jingle!! Please click on the Embryos section of our website for details on these amazing embryos!

Atlantic Spring Show results

3rd senior calf: Eastside Double Caramel, owned with Blair Weeks and Victoria Nodolf

5th 5 years old : Pierstein Roy Lainy

2nd aged cow: Eastside Duplex Holly

Fabulous classification

VG 1st Lactation

 Eastside S Offering VG-86
 Gillette Epic Jingle VG-86
 Eastside Ocean Wind VG-86
 Eastside Lewisdale Astar VG-86
 Eastside Destry Polly VG-86
 Frueh Atwood Jaja VG-85
 Eastside Sid Barbie VG-85
 Eastside Destry Lovely VG-85
 MS Chassity Colt Caser VG-85
 Celtic Fever Destiny VG-85
 Eastside Aftershock Lady VG-85

 VG 2nd lactation

 Eastside Atwood Trump VG-89
 Lilac Lodge Sanchez Oasis VG-89
 Eastside Mil Remix VG-89
 MS Ariel Moman Arita VG-89
 Kenbert Seaver Dilly VG-88
 Eastside Sanchez Ebony VG-88
 Eastside Braxton Carmen VG-87
 Winright Gold Labamba VG-86
 Windybrook Dempsey Icing VG-85
 Lewisdale Eastside Im Amazed VG-85
 Eastside Atwood Gala VG-85
 M-W-D Goldwyn Lulu VG-85

EX cows

 Eastside E M Madge EX-93
 Eastside Shottle Sweety EX-90
 Eastside Jasper Lady EX-90
 Eastside Duplex Holly EX- 93 2E
 Eastside Samuelo Greedy EX-90 2E
 Cowtown Sasha Fierce EX-90

A huge success for the Celebration 2014 !!

Held at Lewisdale Farms, York, PEI on August 8th, the Eastside Celebration Sale sold 116 lots for an average of 7367$. Best of luck to the buyers with their new purchases!

Thanks to this amazing crew for all the hard work they've put in making this event such a great success!!

Atlantic Summer Classic 2014 Results

Honorable Mention and 1st intermediate calf : Comestar Lautemia Goldwyn (Owned with  Sandy Cole)

6th Senior calf : Eastside Sid Seven Up (Owned with Diamond Hill and Porter Weeks)

2nd Summer yearling : Comestar Missy Mascalese (Owned with Diamond Hill and Birkentree)

3th Junior yearling : Lewisdale Eastside GoldCp Silk

4th Intermediate yearling : Eastside Sanchez Olive (Owned with Pure Holsteins)

4th Senior 2 year old : Celtic Fever Destiny

1st Junior 3 year old : Eastside Jasper Oneill

2nd  Junior 3 year old: Eastside Sanchez Hollister

3rd Senior 3 year old: Eastside Sanchez Ebony

1st 4 year old: Goldstreak Duplex Luxury

3rd Mature cow: Eastside Spirte Lady

2nd Breeders herd

Premier Breeder Banner

Eastside Lewisdale Celebration Sale video

Eastside Lewsidale Celebration Sale catalogue now online

Friday, August 8th, 2014 • 11 a.m. 
at Lewisdale Holsteins York, Prince Edward Island

Spring embryo catalog is now online!!

Contact us for more details about embryo prices and availability!

New purchase at NY Spring Sale

 New purchase at the New York Spring Sale

Ransom-Rail Shan Tahnee

Summer yearling born on June 1st

+ 2351 GTPI 77K

Dam : Ms Welcome Pal Tonya (Maternal sister to Tango)

+ 2251 GTPI 50K

Owned with Ian Richardson

Atlantic Spring Showcase Results

From April 9th to 12th was held the Atlantic Spring Showcase in Fredericton, New-Brunswick. Here are the results of this great day :

- Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

- Reserve Intermediate Champion and 1st Junior 3: Eastside Jasper Oneill VG-89

2nd senior calf: Eastside Sid Seven Up

2nd Summer yearling: Comestar Mascalese Missy

4th  Intermediate yearling: Eastside Lewisdale Percision (Stanley Cup)

2nd Junior 2: Eastside Dempsey Diva VG-85

5th Junior 3: Eastside Atwood Limerick VG-87

4th Senior 3: Ardross Goldwyn Puzzle VG-86

3rd 5 year old: Morsan Golden Booboo EX-91

3rd Mature cow: Eastside Spirte Lady EX-94 2E

5th Mature cow: Eastside Shottle Omalley EX-91 2E

Thanks to our team for this great success!

Latest classification results

Great classification results at Eastside Holsteins

Excellent cows
- Eastside Fortune Oriole EX-93 2E
- Pascobac Star Lucita EX-93 2E
- Pierstein Goldwyn Odyssey EX-93 3E
- Eastside Kite Tristin EX-94 4E
- Karona Dolman Ashmin EX-90

Very Good 2 year old cows
- Eastside Destry Chanel VG-88
- Morsan Miss Snow Angel VG-86
- Kenbert Seaver Dilly VG-85
- Eastside Braxton Carmen VG-85

Very Good cows
- Eastside L Harley VG-88
- Eastside Lewisdale Be Amaze VG-87
- Eastside Shottle O Riley VG-87
- Eastside Absolute Vienna VG-85


Here are the results from our trip to the RAWF in Toronto

Eastside Brady Caramel: 11th senior calf

Eastside Atwood Glee: 1st Bred and owned and Summer yearling (Owned with Rick and Shannon Allyn, Donald Dubois, France Lemieux, Ferme Jendro, JM Valley Holstein and Diamond Hill)

Eastside Destry Chanel: 4th Junior 2 year old (Owned with Lewisdale Holsteins)

Lewisdale Goldwyn Loree: 11e 4 year old (Owned with Lewisdale Holsteins)

Thanks to everybody who made our trip so successful !!

Glee was in the Top 5 heifers of the RAWF 2013 !!!

Atlantic Dairy Championship Show Results

A great day for Eastside at the Atlantic Dairy Championship show!

1st Sr calf and HM Jr Champ ~ Eastside Brady Caramel
6th Jr yearling ~ Jacobs Sid Breeze
1st Jr 2 and Intermediate Champ ~ Eastside Destry Chanel
4th Sr 2 ~ MS Lotto Alex Lacey
6th Sr 3 ~ Pierstein Roy Lainey

Eastside Brady Caramel

August New Classification


VG 2yr old
MS Moman Arita VG-88 2yr old (owned with Pure Holsteins and Larch Grove Farms)
Eastside Atwood Trump VG-87 2yr old
Morsan Miss Saigon VG-86 2yr old
Lilac Lodge Sanchez Oasis VG-86 2yr old
Eastside Baltimor Tinsel VG-85 2yr old
Pierstein Goldwyn Liberty VG-85 2yr old

VG cows
Tolamika Atwood Jewel VG-88
Eastside E M Madge VG-88
Pierstein Roy Lainy VG-88
Jacobs Goldwyn Bally VG-88
Carollview B Sundae VG-87
MS Lotto Alex Lala VG-86 2yr old

New Excellent
Maplemount Goldwyn Astyn EX 90
Quality Dundee Pin  EX-90

Multiple Excellent
Eastside Duple Holly EX-93
Eastside Damion Lade EX-92-2E

What a great day !!!

Atlantic Summer Show Highlights


Premier Breeder and Exhibitor

1st Junior 2  year old and Intermediate Champion: Eastside Destry Chanel (owned with Lewisdale Holsteins)
1st 5 year old: Eastside Spirte Lady EX-91
2nd 5 year old: Eastside Damion Lade EX-91

1st 4 year old: Lewisdale Goldwyn Loree (owned with Lewisdale Holsteins) TB-89
2nd 4 year old: Eastside Duplex Holly EX-92
2nd Senior 3 year old: Pierstein Roy Lainy TB-87
1st Junior 3 year old: Tolamika Atwood Jewel TB-87
2nd Junior 3 year old: Regwall Shake n Bake (owned with Blair Weeks)
2nd Senior 2 year old: MS Lotto Alex Lacey (owned with Brad Murphy) TB-87
2nd Summer yearling: Eastside Atwood Glee

Thanks to the amazing crew and everyone who helped us make this day a success!

New purchase at the Weeksdale Tag Sale

We are happy of our new purchase JACOBS GOLDWYN CHECKAS owned with Sébastien Dion, an intermediate calf out of Robrook Dundee Constance VG-88 and full sister to Robrook Goldwyn Cameron VG-87 2 YR.




We are looking for an intern this fall

Eastside Holsteins is seeking an intern to work September until December this fall. Duties would include milking, calf and heifer feeding, general animal care, general barn care and a small amount of tractor work (cleaning out & bedding barns).The candidate must be self motivated, clean and neat, and able to do physically demanding work.  Experience is preferred. Please inbox for further details or email

A new addition to our team!

Eastside Holsteins is thrilled and pleased to announce that Roxanne Montplaisir will be joining the team part time as the marketing and communications coordinator. Within this role, Roxanne will mainly work on building clients relationship, keeping the social medias updated, managing the website, responding to emails and other special projects. Bilingual, dynamic and dedicated, she will certainly be a positive addition to our team.


Atlantic Spring Showcase Results

Some show highlights:
1st Sr yrling & Jr Champ. (owned with Cobequid)
1st Jr 2yr old
1st 4yr old & Reserve Grand Champ.
1st 5yr old

Premier Breeder & Exhibitor

Lewisdale Goldwyn Loree VG 89  
Eastside Jasper Oneill VG 87 2 YR                   
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